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Cortney James

Cortney James, Financial Representative, 310 Seven Fields Blvd | Suite 300 Seven Fields, PA 16046 P: 724-778-9306, Cortney is passionate about setting others up for success. She looks at her job as a way to prepare for all of the terrible stuff life can and will throw. She helps women continue to accomplish their goals despite life events that could have otherwise caused major setbacks.
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Financial Tips Every Woman Should Know

Ditch the guilt. A lot of us tend to struggle with realizing our own worth and asking to be paid accordingly. Money isn’t a bad thing. Your time is precious and no one else has your unique set of skills. And, don’t you forget that!

Financial Planning For The Stay At Home Parent

When it comes to planning, it’s not uncommon for stay-at-home parents to be overlooked.

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Cryptocurrency 101

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography ...

Do you Love HER?

This is an odd question to ask, right? Maybe...
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